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Arkansas' Award Winning Waste Authority

Serving the Residents & Businesses of Carroll County Arkansas

About Carroll County Solid Waste Authority

Our company was originally established in 1981, but didn’t begin extensive operations until 1991. We offer solid waste and recycling services to Carroll County.

Our non-profit organization has won us awards across the state of Arkansas and as of 2016, CCSWA recycles the most materials annually per person than any other county in Arkansas.

Our mission is simple. Treat our residents and businesses with outstanding service, keep our cities clean, and create positive impacts on the environment in that process.  Learn More…

Our Services


Solid Waste Curbside Pickup


All-In-One Recycling


Household Hazardous Waste


Electronics Recycling


Bulk Waste Removal


Dumpster Rentals
Education Keeps Our Streets Clean

We believe education is the number one way we can keep our city streets clean and our environmental impact low. In 2009, CCSWA invested in a mobile classroom that we use at public city and school events.

Our community outreach programs have helped inform and educate our counties, and we intend to continue finding new and innovative ways to inspire our youth to recycle and dispose of waste properly.

If you would like to schedule the mobile classroom to visit your event, Click Here…