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Prescription Addiction in Arkansas is a Problem!

Recreational use of prescription drugs are killing our children. Arkansas in No. 1 in abuse of prescription pain medications by teenagers. We must act to remove unused and unneeded drugs from our medicine cabinets to prevent abuse.

What Can You Do?

1. Hide or lock up your medications to keep family members or visitors from taking them.

2. Turn in unused and unwanted medications to a law enforcement agency for proper disposal. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

3. DON’T put them in the trash or flush them down the drain because that pollutes our environment.

4. Pass the word! Tell your friends, children and family members!

Turn in medications to keep them off the streets and away from abuse by our children.

Law Enforcement Sponsors

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office


Eureka Springs Police Dept.


No questions asked about any medications turned it!

For more information visit www.artakeback.org or call 501-618-8693