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Curbside Recycling

At Home

Simply rinse your items and place loosely in your recycle bin with bagged newsprint items on top. Please only bag newsprint.

On your scheduled trash pickup day, place your recycle bin next to your trash bin.

Aluminum & Steel

Steel cans, aluminum cans, aluminum foil, and pie plates


Only bottles with a neck. Look for the plastic type numbers of 1 and 2 stamped on the bottom of the bottle.

Newsprint & Mixed Paper

All paper should be bagged or bundled with string and placed on top of your Curbside Recycling Bin.

Glass Containers

Glass bottles are accepted.

Eureka Springs Recycling & Processing Center

Carroll County Solid Waste Recycle Center in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm

Located next to Public Works at
3190 E Van Buren,
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Customer Service: 479-253-2727
Administrative Office: 870-423-7156

The Carroll County Recycling Center located in Eureka Springs is one of the most recognized, utilized and copied facilities in the entire state. Curbside recycling service is now available to over 5,500 customers plus satellite recycling drop off centers located in Berryville, Green Forest, Holiday Island, and Alpena. 

In 2012 4.3-million pounds of material was diverted from the land fill to our recycling center. The true economics of recycling however must be considered in terms of energy savings, resource preservation, pollution reduction, collection and safe disposal of hazardous waste and other related factors.

The recycling center in Eureka Springs is staffed by five employees whose responsibilities include separating material, bailing or packaging and working with commodity brokers. 

What can I bring to recycle here?

Lawn & garden products

Hazardous Waste Drop Off Center in Eureka Springs

The following items can be disposed of free of charge at the HHW trailer, located at the Recycle Center in Eureka Springs:

Lawn & garden products

Satellite Drop Off Locations

City Municipalities are encouraged to provide their residents an area cardboard recycle drop-off center. If your city would like to get started, please contact our Customer Service team.


Eureka Springs

Holiday Island

Green Forest


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